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Banking with HBS is now more convenient with eStatements!  And, when you sign up for eStatements, you are doing your part in helping the environment by reducing paper waste.  Enroll today!

Benefits of eStatements:

Convenient. Review your statements online any time- day or night.

Fast.  You have access to your eStatements days before your paper statement would arrive in the mail.

Secure.  No more risk of your statements being lost or stolen in the mail.

Safe. Your eStatement is only accessible through Online Banking.  Your unique login and password ensure confidentiality.

Environmentally Friendly.  Conserve paper and eliminate your statement storage hassles by accessing your statements online.

How to Sign Up:

1.  Log in to Online Banking.  If you are not yet enrolled, enroll now here or by clicking on the Enroll link on the Home Page.
2.  Click on the eStatements link on the left column menu.
3.  Read and agree to the terms of our Online Statement Agreement and Disclosure.
4.  After you click Submit you will see the confirmation screen showing the new delivery method for the statements of all your accounts.
5.  Set up is now complete.  The next time your statement is produced, you can access it by clicking the Statements tab.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:  Is there a fee for eStatements?
A:  No, Heritage Bank of Schaumburg provides eStatements free of charge.

Q: Are all my accounts eligible for eStatements?
A:  All personal and business checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificates of deposit are available for eStatements.

Q:  How will I know when my eStatement is ready for viewing online?
A:  You will be notified via e-mail that an eStatement is ready to view.  Please make sure that the e-mail we have on file for you is current.  You can update your e-mail at any time by logging in to your online banking account and clicking on Manage Contact Information on the Customer Service tab.

Q:  Will my eStatement look the same as my paper statement?
A:  Yes, your eStatement will be similar to the paper statement you currently receive.

Q:  Can I receive both paper statements and eStatements?
A:  No, once you sign up for eStatements you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail.  However, if you only wish to receive eStatements for some of your accounts, you can add online statements for individual accounts only by selecting this option on the set-up page.

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