Frequently Asked Questions about Heritage Bank of Schaumburg

What sets Heritage Bank of Schaumburg apart from other banks?

We find people who are friendly by nature, train them about the banking business, and then make sure to have fun doing what we do. It's important to us to greet our customers by name, to say hello and to make banking with us a positive experience every time. Also, our employees like their bank; we're like a family.

Do you make mortgages?

We sure do! We make large and small mortgages, short term and long term. We like the business of making loans and have a diverse product choice for home, business and personal loans.

How can we compete with the large banks?

We do virtually everything a large bank does, except that we don't do it at quite the same scale. We do loans of all types, we have competitive loan and deposit rates. We offer Internet-based information and deposit products. Our employees know how to handle your inquiries better than the large banks because we know our customers. We answer the phone and we have fun doing what we do. Our bank prospers because we are focused on our customers and our community.

What is Online Bill Pay?

Online Bill Pay is a free, safe and convenient feature of Online Banking that allows you to make payments to individuals or businesses. You can set up both automatic payments and one- time payments, whatever is convenient for your needs. Not only will you save time by using Online Bill Pay, but you will also save the cost of postage stamps.

Where are your branches?

We have one location. We are located at 1535 W. Schaumburg Road, Schaumburg, IL 60194

What is the bank's routing (ABA) number?

The bank's routing number is 071924131.

Do you have a question?

Please contact us at customerservice@hbschaumburg.comand we will be happy to answer any questions you might have.